Practical Applications Of A Keystroke Logger

Why You Should Use Keylogger Software
At times, it is perfectly reasonable to monitor something especially if you are directly involved in those dealings. Furthermore if it is the computer you are using most of the time, then you have every reason to monitor logs on it because someone might be compromising your files.

For whatever the reason, the use of this software has its practicalities. This article would cover some applications for this software.
Applications Of A Keylogger
As mentioned, this software offers the best way to monitor any activity done over your computer. Its practical application is also limitless. Firstly, it is a way of monitoring your children's internet activity. If they are being caught in any illegal activity over the net, then you would know once you scan through the logs. The dangers your children might see, especially ones who are really young, are risky and might give them wrong ideas.

This isn't like the times before where you can give your children some leeway. This century, everything is as connected as it is undiscriminating. The computer wouldn't know that a young child is using it. It is your responsibility to know what they are seeing and to act accordingly.

The keylogger not only monitor which websites were visited, it also captures emails sent and received, chat history. Basically, the recorded logs contain all coomputer activity - there is even a complete visual history logged. This makes it useful so you would know any misguided activities - by example if the teenager is making shady purchases and whatnot.

No one would find out other than you that the key logger is running in the background because it is virtually invisible. Unless you know about, it leaves no traces that it is running, it doesn't reflect in the taskbar and other tools.
Cyber Spy Software
Cyber Spy Software
PC Monitoring Software
CyberSpy is a local computer monitoring software perfect for monitoring your home or office computers. With stealth capabilities CyberSpy can not only record all keystrokes typed via built-in keylogger, but also all websites visited, internet chat conversations, documents opened, and so much more!

CyberSpy is a leader in local PC monitoring solutions, providing an array of features, an easy-to-use graphical interface and stealth computer monitoring capabilities. CyberSpy can keep tabs on your employees, or keep track of what your children are viewing on the internet. CyberSpy is a complete PC monitoring solution for any home or office. CyberSpy will record all websites visited, instant message conversations, passwords, emails, and all keystrokes pressed. CyberSpy also has the ability to provide screen shots at set intervals.

Anything that occurs on your computer you can capture with CyberSpy!

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Cyber Spy Features

Surveillance And Logging Features

  • Internet Conversation Logging
    With CyberSpy keystroke logger you can record both sides of chat and instant message conversations with all of the following platforms: AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ (Lite and Pro versions), Yahoo Messenger
  • E-mail Logging
    Record and save e-mail messages sent and received from the computer that you are monitoring! Works with all the following applications: Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL
  • Website Activity Logging
    Log all website title and addresses that were visited on the PC. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera!
  • Program Activity Logging
    Track every program/executable that the user executed and interacted with.
  • Files/Documents Accessed
    Log all files and documents that were viewed from Windows Explorer including: text files, videos, images, etc.
  • Keystroke Logging
    Record all keystrokes pressed, (even hidden system keys) the windows they were pressed in and categorized by date and application. Log contains the ability to quickly format the text to either view the raw text log which includes shift and backspaces or you can view the formatted log.
  • Screen Shot Capturing
    Record desktop snapshots at a set interval, giving you an exact picture of what users were doing at the time of the snapshot. All snapshots can be played back in an HTML slide show or viewed quickly in an HTML thumbnail view.
  • Activity Logging
    CyberSpy will keep track of all user shutdowns, interaction with CyberSpy, e-mail deliveries, invalid password attempts, and more for later review.
  • Email Delivery
    Have your logs sent to you via email! While at work you can keep tabs on what your children are doing on the internet or computer while away!

Security And Stealth Features

  • Unbeatable Stealth Capabilities
    RemoteSpy keystroke logger offers many levels of stealth capability to prevent the remote user from removing the software. RemoteSpy will not be displayed in the task manager, the process tab (under Windows NT/XP/2000), or anywhere else where it may be possible for the user to detect it!
  • Cloaking Ability
    For maximum protection, RemoteSpy keystroke recorder will cloak itself - in other words, each time it is executed, it will automatically recreate itself elsewhere on the PC to prevent the software from being removed from the individual being monitored.
  • Password Protection
    Your online RemoteSpy member account is securely protected using advanced techniques. No one will have access to your information but you! The only way access is permitted to your RemoteSpy member account is if your username/password is correct - which only you will know!
  • 1 Year Remote Access
    Keep up to date with information recorded by RemoteSpy. You can view your logs 24/7/365 via your member account - through any web browser, anytime regardless of whether the remote PC is online or offline! This includes free upgrades! Including free major upgrades and lifetime support
  • Remotely Deployable
    The most notable feature about RemoteSpy - it can be sent remotely via email secretly. Once the RemoteSpy file (you create) is executed on a computer, it will continuously record log data on the computer you are monitoring secretly. You can login anytime to your RemoteSpy account to view the recorded data in real-time!
Filtering And Parental Control Features
  • Website Filtering
    Prevent particular website's or keywords contained within the address from being viewed while CyberSpy is active.
  • Application Filtering
    CyberSpy keystroke logger allows you to manage a list of applications that you wish to have disabled while CyberSpy is running.
Security And Stealth Features
  • Optimal Stealth Mode
    CyberSpy keystroke logger allows you the option of running CyberSpy in total stealth mode. Once in stealth mode CyberSpy will be completely hidden from the user and will not know that it is running.
  • Windows Startup
    Configure CyberSpy keystroke logger to startup for a single user, particular users or to start up for all users on the system, perfect for monitoring multiple users on a PC.
  • Customizable HotKey
    CyberSpy keystroke logger allows you to customize the default hotkey used to bring CyberSpy out of stealth mode.
  • Automatic Active Startup
    Configure CyberSpy keystroke recorder to begin monitoring as soon as it is started without having to manually enter the administrator password to start.
  • Password Protection
    CyberSpy keystroke recorder is password protected to prevent others from starting or stopping the monitoring process, or changing CyberSpy configuration settings.
  • Startup Warning
    Configure Cyberspy keystroke logger to display a custom warning message when it is started on windows startup, perfect for letting the users of the PC know that they are being monitored.
  • Spyware Detection and Removal
    CyberSpy keystroke logger scans your system for possible spyware removal/anti spy software products. If such a product is found, it will prevent the application from interfering with CyberSpy's monitoring process!
Special Features
  • Log Filtering
    Easily view recorded log data by date.
  • Custom Log Location
    Configure CyberSpy keystroke logger to store log data wherever you please - whether it be on the local machine, a network drive, external disk, or anywhere else!
  • Inactivity Timeout
    Automatically suspend CyberSpy keystroke logger from monitoring the PC if the machine is inactive for a specified amount of time.
  • Scheduling Agent
    Configure CyberSpy to only monitor and record at specific times of the day.
  • Automatic Log Clearing
    CyberSpy keystroke logger can automatically eradicate old/outdated logs from the machine after a certain amount of data or keystrokes have been logged.
Additional Features
  • Friendly User Interface
    CyberSpy keystroke logger contains an extremely easy-to-understand graphical user interface. Thus, making the software extremely easy to use and simple to understand.
  • Quick Configuration Wizard
    CyberSpy keystroke logger is equipped with its very own and easy to use configuration wizard. This utility will allow you to choose which options you would like to monitor and takes only minutes to do!
  • Precise User Tracking
    CyberSpy keystroke logger will always record the current windows user and will log the date and time of the action. This will allow you to precisely track activity down to the right user and at the exact time the user was using the computer.
  • 24/7 Tech Support
    With every purchase you are given 24/7, helpdesk based, technical support for however long you use CyberSpy!