Why Keystroke Loggers?

What you need to know about a keylogger

Keylogging or keystroke logging is the act of which a program or software records the keys you punch in your keyboard. Often, this is an act where the user does not know that his or her actions are being monitored as the program often runs in the background.

What are the types of keyloggers?

Basically, there are two types each with their own subtypes. There is what we call a software-based keylogger and a hardware-based keylogger. Software based keyloggers are designed to act on the computer's software. There are several categories under this which is classified based on where it targets the computer. There is what we call a hypervisor based keylogger which runs underneath the operating system. Kernel-based keyloggers are hard to detect and write. These types often root and hide themselves in the operating system. API-based software keyloggers record keyboard event by hooking in its API. It acts as if it is part of the application thus it goes undetected. Hardware-based keyloggers on the other hand does not rely on software or programs because it is on the hardware of the computer itself. This would include cables, usb connectors, and keyboard overlays. This type of keylogger is the one used in ATM machines by criminals in an attempt to secure a PIN.
How can you prevent it from being installed in your computer?
Be careful in downloading anything from the internet and also install anti-malware software to help detect possible keyloggers installed in your computer. This can protect your personal data and PINs from people who want to gain access to it. Another thing is to not leave your laptop or PCs unattended in the presence of strangers or technicians you don't fully trust as they could attach hardware-based keyloggers to your computer without your knowledge.
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