Necessity of Employee Monitoring

Needs and Challenges
The internet has presented organizations and businesses good opportunities, but it has also brought along with it an array of risks and challenges. In the workplace, for example, employees commit internet abuse and misuse, intentional or unintentional. Internet abuse and misuse are done in many ways. Instant messengers and emails impact on the productivity of office staff. Internet misuse can also cause costly legal problems. Some companies face intellectual property issues.

The situation is calling for the implementation of employee monitoring through the use of keystroke loggers. But such a system should be done with the best of intentions.
Do It Right
It is important that you do employee monitoring in good taste in a manner that is truly acceptable to all stakeholders. Make sure that everyone is properly informed before the implementation. Do your best to consult with everyone, especially those who will be directly affected. If everything is done right, you will not have to worry about the possibility of reduced employee satisfaction. This idea is supported by research.

Studies have shown that good monitoring actually results to increased willingness on the part of the employees to accept the changes. Other research findings also claim that monitoring can actually boost the employees' goodwill towards the company and its leadership. The key is to do it the right way.
Encouraging Statistics
Statistics related to employee monitoring are very encouraging. One study showed that about 80% of employees welcome the new monitoring program. In addition, 60% of the participants expressed hesitance in using company-issued devices for personal purposes. If the same attitude will be manifested by your own employees, phishing scams will be reduced.

The same study shows a promising future for employee monitoring and for the companies that are currently implementing it. The best that can happen in your setting would be a situation wherein the employees fully understand and accept their employers' right to track their activities within the premises of the company.
Provide Evidence
It is important that you show professionalism to your employees when explaining the necessity of such system. For example, cite studies and sources. Also, be ready with research data that show how intellectual property loss due to wrong internet usage can have a huge impact on finance. You can go as far as elucidating why monitoring can help in maintaining job security.
More Advantages
You can also mention more advantages that go with an employee monitoring system:
  • It can support employees to behave properly and be productive.
  • It can help the company avoid additional liabilities related to defamation, sexual harassment and breach of contract.
  • It can make employees feel that they are an integral part of the company and remind them that they are responsible for its reputation and wellbeing.
Effective Dissemination of Information
Before implementation, choose the right people to speak for the company. Pick the guys who your employees trust the most.

Try to be personal when communicating. The goal is to make everyone understand that the company is taking this step to minimize or even eliminate risks. Project an image that you value your employees professionally and personally.
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